Seasonal Care

Fresh mulch and treesBill Veno Landscaping operates year round. In spring we offer clean up and maintenance of your lawn and landscape as well as any reconstruction or new project you have in mind. Spring cleanups include a thorough raking of your lawn to remove thatch and other embedded debris. For customers who request mulch we also apply a generous covering of mulch in the color of your choice.

Spring is the time to give plants and flowers a healthy head start. We cultivate beds and fertilize as needed to promote growth of perennials while also creating a healthy environment for annuals.

Mowing season gets underway in spring as cool temperatures and wet conditions are ideal for growing grass. Seeding or overseeding can also be done in spring as long as your lawn doesn’t require a pre-emergent crabgrass preventer. If so then fall is the best time for seed.

Trimming of trees along with pruning of shrubs usually takes place in late spring. Depending on whether your shrub is flowering on old wood such as Azaleas and Lilacs or on new growth such as Rose of Sharon determines its pruning schedule. Dead wood is removed from trees and shrubs in early spring.

mowing lawnMowing and maintenance continues through spring and summer. Our crew is constantly on the lookout for issues such as insects or conditions which need to be addressed. Garden beds are tended to throughout the seasons.

Fall brings another season of cleanups. In addition to raking leaves and removing garden debris we’re continuing to mow while preparing plants, lawn, and trees for a long winters sleep.

In winter we perform snow removal as needed. Just as we do with landscaping we take a detailed approach by shoveling walkways and stairs.

At Christmastime we provide many residents and businesses with festive Holiday decorations.

That’s a brief summary of services we provide throughout the year. If you not already a satisfied customer of Bill Veno Landscaping there’s no time like right now to start.

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