Landscaping & Lawn Care in Wakefield, MA

backyard lawn and landscapeHomeowners in Wakefield, MA and surrounding towns North of Boston count on Bill Veno Landscaping for expert lawn care and landscaping services.

A professional landscaper since 1993 Bill Veno provides top notch property maintenance services all year long.

Superb attention to detail by Bill Veno and his staff creates exceptional curb appeal making your property the envy of the neighborhood. Put away the rakes and shovels. Give your mower a permanent rest while Bill and the team increase the value of your property.

Take the weekend off. Call Bill Veno Landscaping today.

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Meticulous Lawn Care

lawn and landscape with a deep clean edge At Bill Veno Landscaping we take pride in the appearance and health of your lawn. A well manicured lawn requires an investment of time and special attention. Unfortunately most homeowners simply don't have the time or the special equipment to cut, trim, and edge their lawn in a way that produces a picture perfect result.

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All Season Care

Landscaping and property maintenance in all seasonsBill Veno Landscaping is a year round operation. From clean up in spring to snow removal in winter and everything in between. You can count on us to care for your lawn, landscape, and property so you don't have to. Why not give us a call today so you can take the weekend off?

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Total Landscape Care

beautifully landscaped backyard The care and pruning of trees and shrubs makes a significant impact on curb appeal as well as the overall health of all your plants. All plants on your property need sunlight, moisture, and essential nutrients. Bill Veno Landscaping will trim trees, prune shrubs, and tend to plants at precisely the right time to ensure vigorous growth and health.

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Satisfied Customers is Job 1

lawn and landscape transition As an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Air Force Bill Veno learned that certain tasks have no margin for error. That is his approach to landscaping and beautifying of your property. Complete customer satisfaction is the goal of Bill Veno Landscaping so Bill only hires well qualified, experienced landscapers who also pay attention to the details. Become a satisfied customer--call Bill today.

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